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Hello Everyone. As a prelude to posting new stuff, here is the old stuff! This will not come over when we do the promised changes to the website - so here it is!! RAM MEMBERSHIP FEE 10-04-09 RAM has managed to keep the annual membership fee at the same level for several years. We intended 2009 to be another year with no increase but, unfortunately, Google have recently doubled their fee for processing online payments and we can't avoid passing this extra expense on to members. Even so, the new fee of £31 per year represents by far the smallest percentage increase in our history and is still fantastic value for the prestige of being a member of the only standards monitor for the profession of life model. EMPLOYERS - ARE OUR MODELS LETTING US DOWN ? 12-03-09 We never stop plugging the fact that the whole point of RAM's existence in the first place was to restore to the job of life modelling some of the professional status it used to enjoy. Naturally