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R.I.P. Vic Stevens (founder of RAM)

I found out today that a very dear friend of mine passed away on Monday. I knew he was very ill and I knew he was dying. It is still always a shock though. I met Vic when I’d been modelling for a few years. Someone suggested  i  join RAM (The Register of Artists’ Models) which I’d never heard of. Vic, at the time, was running it. He started it 20 years ago in 1997. I joined, met Vic and immediately had an affinity with him. Vic was a very special man. He was intelligent, so knowledgeable, very funny and kind – always kind. He started RAM to better the lot of the life model. Thanks to his hard work, models today are much better paid and much better treated. So many models owe Vic so much.  Including me. I started helping Vic run RAM in little ways after a few years. And gradually took over some of his duties, as he headed for retirement. When he retired i was handed RAM to safeguard and keep going. Which was an honour and a privilege. I found out i was a businesswoman (who knew