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The blog looks great on the website. I have a couple of new things to add. I've appeared on the telly modelling on BBC1'S The One Show in a piece called 'The Value of Art and also in Seven Ages of Britain: Age of Money. Best wishes, Zoe Simon (RAM model)


Hello, all you life drawing tutors and artists out there To those of you who already belong to the Register of Artists' Models , a big thank you. Our models appreciate all the work you put their way. To all artists, please note that the website is very largely driven by how many ads are appearing. So, the more ads that go up, the more models join, thus giving you more choice of life models. It would help us greatly if, as well as contacting models directly, you could put up an ad whenever you are looking for a model. It's free! And you don't have to belong to RAM to advertise, although this is under review. Use this link to put up ads.


Just a thought from Sarah King ( RAM model). I enjoy being able to pick up artists tips on how to draw 'me'!!!!! Learning whilst earning!


What can I say .  Watch out for   a;draughts , b; tutors who are easily confused and forget to book you or forget they have booked you, c;students who expect to see only female models ,  d;easels can be very dangerous if placed too close  and finally heaters that switch themselves off when they think the room is warm enough! Love & Laughter Philip Herbert x (RAM model )


I'd like to tell you what happened when I was practising and preparing poses. Several photos were taken and reviewed over several days. Suddenly I noticed 'an orb' to my right. Strange to have missed it before as it is so prominant. Six of the many photos taken that day, were found to have orbs of some description, but many did not. The first one that was noticed was the one that was sent to the RAM listing.  I had heard of these orbs but had no experience or knowledge. Naturally an investigation was started and I now believe, (there is, at present, nothing conclusive,) that these are balls of energy of some sort, which absorb flashlight and expel it at a reduced wavelength. The digital camera, being an electronic recording device, can pick up 'near infra-red' light. Experiments have shown these orbs to be consiousnesses of some sort; could be beings, thought forms, nature spirits etc. I have had fun directing my camera up into the dark night

One Model's Story

I started modeling some 27 years ago whilst going to Saturday morning life drawing classes at the Wilson's Rd annex of Camberwell School of Art. I was just 17 then and I was paid £15 for the 3-hour session plus some extra for the train fare home. The foundation department hired me from then on. Quite a few times, I'd turn up to a life drawing group expecting to draw and ended up as the subject. I met a French model that was living in a squat in Camberwell Grove and we would often spend some time cooling off in an old bath in the back garden. Sometimes we’d pose together in life classes, either sleeping, sitting or in some sort of embrace. This was unusual at the time and we became quite popular, particularly with matching Mohicans. In 25 years I have done some very strange poses at various establishments, including being Eros, the flying boy statue in Piccadilly Circus, at the Wimbledon School of Theatre Arts, where I spent a month in a harness suspended fro