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One of our Models Writes of his Experience ...

What RAM means to me, by Dominic Blake: I have been life and portrait modelling for just over a year, and am now a full time life model, having left a conventional job to pursue my dreams of immersing myself more intimately within the artistic community.  I would like to take a brief moment to write about what being a member of RAM means to me. My first port-of-call on deciding I wanted to be a Life Model was the excellent Register of Artists Models' website, which provides a wealth of information and advice both for people who are new to Life Modeling and also for experienced Life Models.  I devoured all of their articles and blog posts, and took the decision that once I was in a position to approach my career in a serious way, I would register for membership.   Soon after becoming a provisional member, I auditioned in London within a formal RAM Life Drawing class led by a very friendly and knowledgeable tutor, working with a female Life Model to recreate poses from

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