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Huffington Post article by Alex B

Alex B contributes regularly to The Huffington Post. Here are her thoughts on modelling Huffington Post Article Thanks Alex!

A piece in Spanish about life modelling!

Carla Tofano has written this about her experience of life modelling What it's like to be an artists' model (in Spanish!) Thanks Carla!

Reflections of a Life Model

Anna Bose has written a piece on what it's like to be a life model. Life Modelling Thanks Anna!

RAM in the Media!

Hi everyone Just want to say thanks for doing such a superb job. RAM goes from strength to strength. More models - and just as importantly - loads of artists - joining every day. I thought I'd share with you some recent media coverage. First of all; What a Life Model Really Thinks   The fabulous Helder Rodrigues shares his thoughts. Plus: Life modelling in Scotland   Featuring an interview with me and with the wondrous Heathcote Ruthven. The Scottish Herald Older ladies and life modelling   With Susie Mason, Angela Plater, and Hope Deeney. All marvellous. Oh, and an interview with me. The Daily Mail Last night, Angela Plater and I were interviewed for Late Night Graham Torrington. Should be on iplayer.  It's a radio show. And finally - today, Angela Plater, Susie Mason, Susanna Wallis and myself spent a day filming for a slot on The One Show   on BBC1. Which will be aired tomorrow (April 9th).  Well done, ladies!Again, about older women doin