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Intellectual Property in Art

We thought that this article, published by "Own-It" may be of interest to artists. It is all about intellectual property in art. Thank you Own It

RAM Achievements 2009

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who has helped RAM to it's most successful year ever. We have some wonderful models and artists out there and are very proud of you all. Thanks also to Vic Stevens the father and founder of RAM, who retired (semi!) last year. Thanks Vic for all your hard work over the years - I hope we're doing you proud! The website is currently undergoing modification which should bear fruit early next year. Thanks to Keith Bacon for all his patient work on it - and to all of you RAM members for waiting so long for modifications. Another huge thing that has happened (unexpectedly) this year is the creation and success of RAM organised life drawing hen sessions . These sessions bring life drawing to people who normally wouldn't dream of doing any such thing - and also much needed employment to male models. Thanks to all models and artists who have helped make this such a success! Rachel McCarthy, who does a sterling job representing RAM,

Life Model's Success! Zoe Simon

Hello All This is part of a (to-be) regular addition to the blog. RAM members , please tell me of any successes you have had with modelling . Send it to the blog and I'll put you up - it's nice to have your achievements noted! Zoe is a London-based model and performance artist. She has worked as a model since 2001 at all of the major London art schools and has also appeared in sucessful film installations for the Czech artist Tereza Buskova including 'Spring Equinox' (176 Gallery), 'Forgotten Marriage' (111, David Roberts Gallery) and 'Wedding Rituals'which won Canada's most prestigous film award. Zoe has also appeared in live installations for The Barbican's acclaimed 'Seduced' exhibition, Act Art 7 and the Slick '07 festival in Paris. Zoe has written about her modelling experiences for 'The Guardian' newspaper and was a guest on BBC Radio 4's 'Off the Page' programme 'Stripping Off'. Zoe is a trained