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Welcome to our blog - RAM members and non-members alike! This will be used periodically to put up things of interest/importance for RAM. The watchwords for our models are competence, conduct and reliability. We are the premier register for life models in the UK. All our models are auditioned or referenced. We also do ID checks on artists to ensure models' safety. These measures together help us provide the best service possible, both to models and artists. Register of Artists' Models website is: www.modelreg.co.uk. Our life drawing hen party site is: www.henpartieslondon.blogspot.com

Friday, 6 November 2015


RAM model Rachel McCarthy talks about life modelling (on page 16)


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Mirror Doesn't love You Like This - Wonderful Video On Life modelling.

Film maker and ex RAM model Jessie Parsons has made this delightful video.
Featuring RAM models Carla Tofano and Roy Butler.

Well done all!!

Have a look! https://vimeo.com/135242687

RAM Model Rob Hudson in 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown!!

RAM model Rob Hudson was on 8 out of 10 cats in June!  See the link.  About 31 minutes in....


Well done, Rob!!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Swindon Life Drawing Classes


Monthly, Sunday untutored Life Drawing workshops. Timing 10.00 - 16.00. Booking essential, no drop in allowed. Wide variety of models used.
Venue is a light airy hall c/w free parking, kitchen with fridge for your lunch. Tea, coffee, infusions at break times, included in fee.
£32 without easel or £37.50 including easel hire.
Contact Rosemarie Orwin info@modelled.me.uk info@modelled.me.uk

MODELS please note: only RAM models are employed

Wiltshire Life Drawing Class

Quarterly, half day, Wednesday untutored Life Drawing workshops. Timing 10.00 - 13.00. Booking essential, no drop in allowed. Wide variety of models used.
Venue is a light airy hall in the scenic village of Broad Hinton near Marlborough c/w free parking. Tea, coffee, infusions during the break included in fee and exclusive 15% discount off your lunch and non alcoholic beverages purchased from the local Public House on workshop days
£22 without easel or £24 including easel hire. Contact Rosemarie Orwin rosemarie@modelled.me.uk  Link to website http://www.modelled.me.uk/dates_prices.html

RAM model in RA Summer Exhibition!

RAM model Bea Green writes: "I would like to share with you that a painting of me by an artist I model for, Errol Neill,is hung in the RA exhibition. It was chosen as on of the 25 "Best of British" works!  I'm quite chuffed to think I'm hanging in his place...lol!   Its not a nude piece, it's one of me in a dress, actually one I don't wear very often,below the knee is too long for me, usually it's pelmets!  It's number 99 in the exhibition."

Well done, Bea!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Tutor Wanted in East Grinstead, Sussex, Saturday, 9 May

Hello all

Just putting out a call for a tutor, artist or model to run an hour long class in East Grinstead on Saturday, 9 May for us. The class will run from 4-5pm.

We may also need a male model, under 35 years old with good muscle definition.

Reasonable fares paid and good rate for the hour.

Please contact me asap if you can help or have any ideas!

Thank you!

Rachel RAM.www.modelreg.co.uk

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

RAM model in The Mall Galleries

Congratulations Susie Williams on her portrait being shown by the Royal Society of Portrait Painters at the Mall Gallery. Here is the link to the exhibition.

Insurance for Models and Tutors

Hello all

Does anyone have public liability insurance for modelling or teaching? If so, please let me know. I get a feeling this is the way the industry may be going and, if so, will try to get a good deal with someone for RAM models and tutors

Thank you!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

RAM Recommended Pay Rate Goes UP!!

Hi all

The RAM recommended rate is now £15 per hour. Please note, this is what we want artists to aim for (or more!). They won't all achieve it straight away.

But please point it out to them!!

Friday, 13 March 2015

A New Model's Viewpoint

Charlie Samson writes of his experiences:

When a friend suggested I join the Register of Artist Models I was more than a little apprehensive. Not long before, as a cash-strapped student, I had been given the butt-naked runaround by a somewhat unscrupulous artist. I won’t go into great detail but it involved oil and gasmasks, and resulted in less than half the previously agreed fee. However, with a useless humanities degree under my belt and a headful of unrealistic dreams, it seemed wise to set up a few safety nets. And getting paid for sitting around in the nude certainly beats sweating the night away behind a bar, so I got in contact with Rachel and she signed me up for a trial run straight away. After my previous misadventure, joining RAM was like coming in from the wild. The introductory session at a life drawing class in North London was incredibly helpful. The gentleman running it was an experienced professional life model who was more than happy to show me the ropes, teaching me a few classic poses and explaining what to expect in the future, in terms of pay and experience. “You’ll never get rich from it,” he said, “but you can earn a comfortable living.” Despite the reassuring introduction, I was still extremely nervous before my first proper job. “Relax,” said a more experienced friend, “you just have to remember that you are the one with the power.” She was right – there is something empowering about walking into a room full of strangers and stripping down to your skin. There is so much shame associated with the body but life modeling makes you realize that you have nothing to hide. Every job I’ve done since has made me feel stronger and more confident. All power to RAM!

We Get Pollock Naked for Hens

The Scottish Sun has published an article about our life drawing  hen parties. With the catchy title of  "We Get Pollock Naked for Hens"

Well done Graham Farquhar!

Life Having Themes.......

An article by Steve B Robinson who has been a RAM model and is an artist.

We like to hear model stories.....

Steve says:

Years ago, too many to work out.........it will only depress me.........I was modelling full time at Loughborough University School of Art and Design (LUSAD) and it was there that I was asked to model in drag. Twice. Once for a final year student and once for an adult evening class held within the building. It was this last session that I wrote about in the old paper magazine, BARE ART. It turned into two articles as I first wrote about how this had come about and was then invited to relay the resultant session. I supplied a photograph too, which was published.

As a result of this article I had a couple more sessions in this guise, I thought maybe I had found a niche market, but it was short lived.

Now, so many years later, I find life almost imitating art as I attend life modelling sessions wearing a skirt and likewise any private viewings where my art is being exhibited (such as this years Leicester Open 26). The reason is confused. After I suffered a clot in my right calf a few years ago my doctor warned me that I would now have water retention. This has proved to be the case, but rather than simply give in to it I researched and discovered its all about speed of circulation and as both my jobs of driving a taxi and life modelling consist of me spending large amounts of time not moving much I needed to do something about forcing the blood to flow quickly and not deposit any water in my ankles and further up my leg. Support tights was one answer, but being unwilling to go that far so quickly my wife suggested lycra leggings, which do offer a light support (it says so on some packets) and my son came home with a cycle. This combination has succeeded in slowing down the retention, but of course wont beat it completely.

However, I started off wearing the leggings beneath trousers but as you guessed that's just too warm, and trousers don't feel right rubbing along the fabric. So I took to wearing shorts in the taxi. Amazingly, hardly anyone comments on the shorts, not even through this winter, and only TWO people have mentioned , what my wife calls tights, leggings.

Walking around in shorts reminded me of how uncomfortable they actually are and how ugly they can look. Then I remembered the skirt I purchased to make a Supergirl outfit as challenged by my accountant ( I did it and I paid only half my fee this year and she paid that and the other half to the charity MIND). It had felt good. I remembered I had felt good in a dress modelling at LUSAD. So, I plucked up courage and went into my next modelling session in this red skater skirt, and NOBODY LOOKED OR SAID ANYTHING !!! I even walked into the city during a three hour break I had between sessions and again NOTHING !!! Not what I had expected, but it set me on this path of being known as the skirted artist, and now I have a kilt . I don't dress to look feminine, in fact I think I look more manly in my leggings and hiker socks and walking boots. Hence the kilt. A mans garment. Confusing, as mentioned earlier? Yes, because I like how it feels......freedom, airy, lightness, and now I hate trousers.

What has this to do with RAM? Well, its about being Artists Models, not Nude Models.....Yes, of course I'm mostly nude, but look where being dressed lead me! You never know if art is imitating life or vice versa. Accept and embrace every opportunity because you just don't know where it will take you.

Love all, hurt none and walk in soft shoes

Re - Tate Britain: Reception, Rupture and Return: The Model and the Life Room

Reception, Rupture and Return: The Model and the Life Room

This fantastic exhibition is on until  April 15th 2015

This display examines the role of the life model for the artist (and vice versa), the evolution and disruption of the life room, and the changing status of life drawing from the 19th to the 21st centuries.
It will examine both conservative and innovative practice (with an emphasis on the latter) with unique perspectives from the archives of three artists’ models.

Themes included in the display

  • the model as metaphor and the challenge to convention
  • the model as person
  • the model as political vehicle
  • the avant garde and the body as vehicle for artistic idea
  • refiguring the model in the inter-war years, the model reconceptualised post-war
  • life drawing since the 1960s.