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Life Modelling Comes to Emmerdale!!

Life modelling comes to Emmerdale !! yes, life modelling hits the mainstream, as a character in Emmerdale (Lisa) takes up our profession. Can only be good for us (hopefully!)

Body Casting Payout

As a follow-up to our entry on 20-4-07 about the girl who got her fingers burned off in a hideous accident. At school, she put her hand in a bucket of plaster of paris as part of an art project (to make a cast of her hand). The plaster heated up (as it does) and caused horrific injuries. The girl has won a payout in court - see Sky News article . We at RAM consider plaster of paris should be banned for body casting purposes. Does anyone else have any views anecdotes on this subject?

Inappropriate Ad

Hello RAM male models I want to apologise to any male models who applied for job no. 1188. It was totally inappropriate and nothing to do with modelling. I apologise for letting it slip through the net- despite all our checks, some dodgy people still manage to get past us. This occurrence reinforces our policy of insisting on asking for ID from artists wishing to join RAM .. The safety of our models is an absolute priority.